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n. The sound of 2 lines being snorted in a short progression because you were stupid and let Sally go first when you knew better. SNIIIIIF - delay of just long enough to move to the next line - SNIIIIIF usually followed by a questioning look on her face. What? We were only supposed to.do 1 of those little bitty lines? They weren't both for me?

v. The act of snorting the 2 lines because whoever cut them up was stupid enough to let Sally go first.
n. Ray- (cuts out a couple lines for he and Sally then steps away to answer his phone. When he returns, there's nothing left and Sally is looking at everything but him. Ray then looks to Drew for confirmation of what he already knows...)
Drew- (Short laugh/sigh under his breath then looks at Ray smiling) You already know... You've been a victim of the Sally Sniff, you fucking retard! You've gotta have some sort of learning disability!
Sally- (blank face) What are you two talking about? I wasn't supposed to do both of those? Are you fucking with me? I would like to apologize to the retarded community...

v. Ray- (cuts one biiiiiig line hoping to slow Sally down)
Sally- (SNIIIIIF) delay just long enough to refill lungs with air - (SNIIIIIF) Why didn't you cut one out for you? Are you trying to quit?
Drew- Damn, bro... She just Sally Sniffed ALL your shit... I guess I'm going to the house early tonight since everybody is now cleaned out.
by DirtyDirtyGinger January 30, 2020

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n. A hand job using 5(yes, it has to be 5) spicy hot mustards for lubrication. Usually only for the local Chick-O-Breast sandwich(you won't need but 2 for the sandwich) or to dip your fries in. It's the Official Condiment of Mt Olympus!
Damian- "It was so slow at the Chicken Chokers Waffles and Cocks that I was actually able to sneak off and get in a fourth COB Sally before we closed. That's a personal best and if that's not retarded..."
Short Bus Sally- "I'd like to apologize to the entire retarded Chicken Chokers community, especially the spicy hot mustard division. What a fucking mess!"
by DirtyDirtyGinger January 30, 2020

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As close to an oxymoron as you can get. An abomination with possible apocalyptic ramifications at worst. At best(rare, 1 pair in 220,000,000,000 people) everybody wonders why they're always smiling and can't take their eyes off each other. They are inseparable and unbreakable. They usually stick close to home because they aren't fans of humanity, they're fans of each other. They can often be seen in front of their home having basketball therapy, which usually ends with Sally's Ginger running away and crying. They also enjoy laying on a blanket in the back yard and watching the moon cross the sky or discussing new ways to eat cheesecake... "If the moon were made of cheesecake, would you spit on it?"
Jane- "Did you see that crazy redhead down by the courthouse. That's the third time this week he's been down there panhandling."
Dick- "That red head was Sally's Ginger. Sally must be in some kind of fix... Sounds like he's trying to raise money for bail or fines if he's out this way..."
by DirtyDirtyGinger January 30, 2020

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