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An exclamation, commonly an alternative for shouting 'Jesus Christ!' whenever something eventful happens.
*horrorfying car accident happens and someone could've possibly died*
"Jeez louise! Call an ambulance!"
by Dinoclaire101 July 12, 2018

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When something appears seemingly out of nowhere.
'Their hostility was jangalanga.
by Dinoclaire101 April 08, 2018

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Someone who is wrinkly in appearance. Mostly used as an insult.
Stop trying to hit on me, you stewed prune!
by Dinoclaire101 June 23, 2018

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Cromulence is when a word/situation/subject seems realistic and plausible, but is actually entirely made up.
Why is economic and political stability in Africa so cromulent?
by Dinoclaire101 September 05, 2019

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The family friendly way of saying bull shit.
This is a load of Bull Honky!
by Dinoclaire101 June 24, 2018

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