13 definition by Dina

a combination of the words funky, funny, and fugly (fucken ugly).
-you know, it smells really funkgly in here right now, who farted?
-your outfit is sooo funkgly, you're as bad as hilary duff!!
-how come you cooked this funkgly meal?
by dina January 12, 2005

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A female variation of the word "weirdo".
Jane: Geeez, Josh. You're such a weirdo!
Josh: And what about YOU, weirdee girl?
by Dina June 14, 2006

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An extremely slow person in need of food.
Lito Nancy.Ruthy.Thanh.
by Dina March 29, 2004

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ooblah- means to have fun enjoy yourself
tyler is ooblahing the party
by Dina June 11, 2004

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short for chillax
tracy was too jumpy so i told her to calm down by saying chax
by dina November 16, 2003

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hot, foolish, VICTIM, totally innocent, very cute smile, needs to do something with her life other than party and shop,
explores herself through clothes, definitely intriguing famous person.
read ELLE's article about her (April 2004 i think) Absolutely gorgeous spread on dresses (piiink, roberto cavalli :))) and pretty informative article, especially the last paragraph.
by dina May 21, 2004

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