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(adjective). The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.
The photograph that Harold had was Uncopyrightable
by Dictontony November 4, 2022
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The Order of Operations is a series of operations to use first to last in arithmetic math. You start of with Parentheses, the exponents & square roots, multiplication & division, and addition & subtractions.
Anthony used the order of operations to solve the hard equation
by Dictontony May 14, 2022
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On tiktok, If someone obviously missed something in the video like a joke or sarcasm, people tag "@you.missed.the.joke". However, a comment can be a joke and if someone replies with,"@you.missed.the.joke", people tag,"@no.you.missed.the.joke", thinking that sarcasm is literal or jokes are the opposite of whomever commented that actually means.

User1: "Actually, the sun is 1 Astronomical Unit away from Earth.
User2: "@you.missed.the.joke"
User1: "No, I live in Uranus, I breathe wall, and I have 6 legs"
User2: "@you.missed.the.joke.dumbass"
User3: "@no.you.missed.the.joke
by Dictontony November 4, 2022
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Our mistakes return to haunt us; also, nasty people have a way of reappearing.
He was embarrassed because A bad penny always turns up to him
by Dictontony May 13, 2022
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The sophisticated engineering behind the universe to develop the laptop, the phone, the computer, the tablet you're reading this on.

Arithmetic is the first branch of math you usually learn first, This includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, square roots, order of operations, and many others. You can calculate real-world problems with these operations.

Algebra is the next branch of math, This includes the same Operations, variables, properties, reversed order of operations, and other skills. Many people think algebra is useless, but it can be used to solve real-world problems for engineers to develop their next prototype or how much of whom something has.

Geometry is the third branch of math. Many theorems start forming in geometry. Theorems help you in math like figuring out the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Also, this includes volume, perimeter, area, surface area, shapes, figures, dimensions, and others. Many engineers and even people use geometry a lot!

Last but not least, we got Statics & Probability. This includes Graphs, Percentages, Chances, Dividing chances, Exponential answers, Mean, Modes, Ranges, Medians, and others. This is used for scientist to graph what they learned from their experiments and to make their total conclusion. Also used for meteorologist to say the chances and the total area of participation is going to hit the area.
Person One: I think Mathematics|Math is useless.

Person Two: Actually, it's the sophisticated engineering to develop the answers to real-world problems.

Person One: That is really interesting!

Person Two: Yes, people call math "The Language of The Universe"

Person One: Interesting! Now I Understand! Thank you!

Person Two: You're welcome!
by Dictontony July 15, 2022
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1.) A family of South American Indian languages spoken in southern and eastern Brazil and northern Paraguay.

2.)a member of any of several Ge-speaking peoples.
The language he spoke was part of the Ge-language group.
by Dictontony May 13, 2022
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The Pythagorean Theorem is a theorem that calculates the hypotenuse of a triangle; the formula being a^2+b^2=c^2, c being the hypotenuse and a & b being the legs of the triangle.

This theorem contains exponential expression & square roots. An example or this theorem is 9^2+12^2=c^2. First we need to calculate 9^2 and 12^2, which is 81 and 144. Next, we add them, you should get 225. Lastly, √225=15, so c=15.
Person 1: 6^2+8^2=14^2

Person 2: Wrong, 6^2 and 8^2 is 36 and 64, 36+64=100, √100=10

Person 1: Now that makes sense! How'd you get that

Person 2: The Pythagorean Theorem
by Dictontony July 20, 2022
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