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a bunch of fat fucks who have no fucking idea how to run theyre fucking country!!!!!!!!!
by Devil Kisses June 22, 2009

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Short for autistic retard.
random_dude1755665:Shut up autard.
aspie101:why the hell are you calling me an autard emo?
random_dude1755665:Why are u call are u calling me emo?
aspie101:because u keep slitting up ur fucked up wrists.
by Devil Kisses April 12, 2009

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1.It means fucking hypocrite.
2.What all parents and teachers are.
1.Stop being such a fuckocrite.
2.When my dad says follow the golden rule it just proves to me that he's a fuckocrite.
by Devil Kisses April 16, 2009

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a psychiatrist or other mental "health doctor". Theyre "keywords" include I'm going to kill myself, I belive that I have powers, I heard a voice in my head telling me to do things, I cant pay attention in class, i cant think clearly, and im so fat. Well most of these people MIGHT be crazy, but a few of them ARENT.
not crazy guy:Do I have to visit that headshrinker?
paranoid parent: Yes you do I heard that you arent paying attention in class.
not crazy guy:wtf
by Devil Kisses April 27, 2009

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It means computer orgasm. Mostly found in computer geeks.
when dan the computer geek saw a macbook air he totaly had a compuasm
by Devil Kisses April 25, 2009

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breaking laws like speeding or piracy, most ppl break these laws at least once.
person 1:can i have copy ur new computer game.
person 2:ok, but dont make a habit of doing nonlegal stuff.
by Devil Kisses May 16, 2009

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it can mean doctor phobia, dentist phobia(most common), optometrist phobia, psychiatrist phobia, orthodontist phobia, and any other doctors.
I heard Alisha chipped her tooth, too bad she has doctor phobia.
by Devil Kisses April 25, 2009

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