see electroclash ladytron
by impreza December 15, 2003
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The greatest modern synthpop band. Ladytron's blend of synthpop, new wave, dreampop is irresistible. The band got their name from a Roxy Music song and consists of 2 females (vocals and synths) and 2 males (synths, guitars and production). One of their vocalists is Bulgarian. She sings some of their songs in that language.
Brian Eno said that Ladytron are "the best of English pop music".
by Radiophonic Workshop October 30, 2017
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A Ladytron is a person who wears copious amounts of eyeliner.
Sup Ladytron?
by The Iron Funkapopolis June 2, 2009
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A person who breaks work clauses.

Ladytron's can be identified by their homosexual traits such as blonde streaks in their hair and offensive thrusting dance moves whilst smiling creepily.
BK: The time is 9:23
Rhys: I'm making a coffee
BK, Whisso and the entire universe: You're such a Ladytron, we dont like you.
by Hollywood Dicker April 11, 2011
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