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A philosophy-turned-governmental-ideology, usually mistaken for Stalinist/Leninist-Communist. This philosophy, although greatly misunderstood, is nothing more that the belief that the strong, the capable, and the powerful shoul support those too weak to support themselves. This philosophy, created by Karl Marx, was meant to be the fundamental building block for a utopian society, but was later taken up by a man named Lenin, who twisted and warped the pure isea of Socialism and turned it into Leninist-Communism. Later adopted by Joseph Stalin, who made the idea of Socialism a cruel cycle of death, hatred, and intolerence.
I try to be the best Marxist-Socialist I can be by using my wealth and strength for the purpose of helping out those who are in need.
by Deus Ex Magna June 17, 2005
1. A small house, structure, or dwelling which is defined as being so small, that if one were to point a shotgun at the door and fire, everybody within the dwelling would be hit or killed.

2. A temporary home or living quarters for a criminal or runaway.
1. Man, that family's house is so small, it might as well be a shotgun shack.

2. After robbing the bank, the robber headed back to his shotgun shack to count his ends and plan his next heist.
by Deus Ex Magna June 17, 2005
An intolerant, unimaginative, hypocritical, fundamentalist-Christian, and close-minded individual.

Synonyms-- Homophobe, hypocrite, redneck.
Antonyms-- Intelligent, kind, open-minded.
A-- My Republican cousin said that I'll burn in Hell because I'm a homosexual.
B-- What a jackass.
by Deus Ex Magna June 17, 2005
The best game ever created. The player is emmersed in a split reality where terrorism is snuffed out by abolishment of air travel, nuclear power, and the Internet. Unfortunately, terrorism prevails after a UN conference gets bombed by a "Smiling Face," also reffered to as a Heaven Smile. Players assume the role of assassin Harman Smith and his seven personalities, Con Smith, Coyote Smith, Dan Smith, Garcian Smith, Kaede Smith, Kevin Smith, and Mask de Smith. You try to stop the flow of terrorism caused by the Heaven Smile, humans who are mutated by their leader, Kun Lan, who is also Harman's friend and rival, as displayed in their chess games. You collect leads for a Christopher Mills, who works for the government. He tells you who is responsable for what part of the terrorist organization, and you fight through hordes of Heaven Smile to save the world.

Visually stunning, and illustrated with cel-shading, and an occasional anime cutscene done by the people responsible for such series as D.N. Angel. The game is not unlike taking a scalding hot shower after standing out in -30 degrees weather. You either adjust and enjoy every minute of it, or get right out and try a different temperature. By far the greatest game ever created if you're open-minded, or looking for something new.
Christopher Mills-- May the Lord smile...
Garcian Smith-- ...And the Devil Have mercy.

(From chapter 00, ANGEL.)


(From the end of chapter 05, ALTER EGO)

Dan Smith is the original badass. And Killer7 pwns j00r s0l.
by Deus Ex Magna October 9, 2005
1. A false language created for use in the novel by Anthony Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange." The Nadsat language is a bastardization of Slavic combined with "school boy" rhyming slang and English terms.

2. A term in the Nadsat language meaning "teenager," derived from the Slavic terms for numbers 11 and 19.
1. Nadsat is one like horrorshow example of a bolshy great language in which we chellovecks use complex slovos to confuse the other vecks whom we give the old ultraviolence.

2. We were in the heighth of Nadsat fasion.
by Deus Ex Magna September 22, 2005