The best game ever created. The player is emmersed in a split reality where terrorism is snuffed out by abolishment of air travel, nuclear power, and the Internet. Unfortunately, terrorism prevails after a UN conference gets bombed by a "Smiling Face," also reffered to as a Heaven Smile. Players assume the role of assassin Harman Smith and his seven personalities, Con Smith, Coyote Smith, Dan Smith, Garcian Smith, Kaede Smith, Kevin Smith, and Mask de Smith. You try to stop the flow of terrorism caused by the Heaven Smile, humans who are mutated by their leader, Kun Lan, who is also Harman's friend and rival, as displayed in their chess games. You collect leads for a Christopher Mills, who works for the government. He tells you who is responsable for what part of the terrorist organization, and you fight through hordes of Heaven Smile to save the world.

Visually stunning, and illustrated with cel-shading, and an occasional anime cutscene done by the people responsible for such series as D.N. Angel. The game is not unlike taking a scalding hot shower after standing out in -30 degrees weather. You either adjust and enjoy every minute of it, or get right out and try a different temperature. By far the greatest game ever created if you're open-minded, or looking for something new.
Christopher Mills-- May the Lord smile...
Garcian Smith-- ...And the Devil Have mercy.

(From chapter 00, ANGEL.)


(From the end of chapter 05, ALTER EGO)

Dan Smith is the original badass. And Killer7 pwns j00r s0l.
by Deus Ex Magna October 9, 2005
A breathtaking, graphic game for Gamecube and PS2. Awesome cel-shaded graphics, great gore, plenty of swearing, and a complen and intriguing story keep u guessing till the very end.
Killer7 owns. Another game to show that gamecube isnt just for 5th graders.
by Co-Captain Jack August 7, 2006
Made by Capcom for the PS2 and Gamecube, this is an innovative and unique game that is a sort of FPS On-Rails.

Killer7 boasts a massive story, so great that it has in fact spawned its own comic book series. You are an assassin of the Smith Syndicate, a.k.a., the Killer7. As I said, the game is on rails, but that doesn't limit the exploration much.

The gunfights in Killer7 are those that will stay in your head for a long time, and if you can find a game that makes you more tense and causes your heart to beat faster than this one, please email me immediately.

The opponents in this game are not human, but psychotic suicide bombers called 'Heaven Smiles'. This makes the game a bit different from just running and gunning. You cannot aim and shoot, which is just what makes this game give you so much tension.

Although the graphics may send a negative response at first, once you actually see the game flow in action, you will forget that everything looks like it's made of glass in the screenshots.

Killer7 also has the best cast of characters since MGS1. Even better, they are all playable. Instead of making the game choose your weapons, you are given seven different characters that have different weapons and special abilities. The cutscenes are cool, and usually have a quote that you will remember for a long time. Some parts have anime sequences in the game, so for all the anime enthusiasts will get a good bite out of this game.

Killer7 is, without a doubt, the coolest game I've ever played. This is not stating that the game is the best ever made, but it's less of a game and more of an experience. If you are edgy about the graphics, or haven't tried an on-rails FPS before, then maybe rent it first. But if you want something different, then buy this right now.
"Killer7 is the coolest game in the world, bar none."

Dan Smith: I went to see the devil; now it's your turn.

Mask De Smith is a God. End of story.
by Hula-Hula Kappa May 6, 2006