Liebe is the German word for love.
"Ich liebe dich!"
"Ich liebe dich auch!"
I love you.
I love you too.
by nickyNOOODLE April 28, 2007
nickname, short for any name containing lieb in the first four letters
by andyliebs June 7, 2007
(pronounced: leeb) Sentence enhancer. Used to replace things that would normally sound like 'leave' or 'leap.' Past tense- lebd.
1: Hey do you know Cher?
2: Do you belieb in life after love? I love Cher.
1: What time is it?
2: Let me look at my watch under my slieb... Seven.
1: Oh shoot. I must lieb.
2: Why are you liebing so soon?
1: Big day tomorrow. I've got to get to slieb.
2: I cannot belieb that you would have the nerve to say such a thing.
1: I went out on a lieb of faith.
2: You can't lieb so soon. You will have lebd without my famous tunnel cake.
by ManInPrime July 5, 2009
1. verb - to have a penchant for burning people

2. noun - conquerer causing panic among the masses
Ex 1. "I'm gonna Lieb the fuck out of him."

by BC December 23, 2003
German for Love
German for everlasting love even if you have been hurt by your partner
German for love and forgiveness
German for true uncondinal love
Leonard Liebed Ruby forever nomatter what and forgives her for everything uncondinaly and will wait for her
by Leonard23 November 4, 2008