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See also Axie-Dugan, Everybody-liked-him-because-he-was-Britishy-Dugan, and Shamey-Dugan.

A gross ex-boyfriend of mine who wore gold chains. First of all the minute a guy is wearing a gold chain you know there's going to be a problem in the relationship. Especially when we're talking about Gold-Chainy-Dugan.
Gold-Chainy-Dugan: I wear gold chains because it makes me look ghetto.

Me: You're British, Gold-Chainy-Dugan. Give it up.
by Definition Dugan September 05, 2004
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An ex-boyfriend of mine who dressed really well and was really attractive but couldn't get past how hot he was, and eventually drove everyone insane when he acted like an arrogant jackass. He would wear plaid every now and then.
Plaidy-dugan: "You like me even though I'm a dick to you."

Me: "Um..."

Plaidy-dugan: "You know you want me..."

Me: "Eh, whatever, I do."
by Definition Dugan September 05, 2004
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See also Gold-Chain-y Dugan, everyone-liked-him-because-he-was-Britishy-Dugan, Grinding-to-Country-Musicy-Dugan, and Shamey-Dugan.

Axie Dugan was an ex-boyfriend of mine who wore too much axe. We went out for three days and never kissed because he was gross and weird. We broke up through letters because he had the maturity level of a 5th grader. Then again, he was a freshman.
Axie Dugan (in letter form): I think our three-day relationship isn't going too good.

Me: AACCKKK! Your axe is choking me through this letter, Axie Dugan!
by Definition Dugan September 05, 2004
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See also Axie-Dugan, Shamey-Dugan, and Gold-Chainey-Dugan.

An ex-boyfriend of mine who was British, but greasy, weird and annoying. Everyone liked him solely because he was British. I too was a fool and acted like a gullible idiot and went out with him for three days.
Me: Everyone liked Everyone-Liked-Him-Because-He-Was-Britishy-Dugan because he was British.
by Definition Dugan September 06, 2004
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