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A term used to describe an extremely attractive individual- usually a female.
1. Woah your new Girlfriend is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!
2. Yeah, I know, she is such a Fritts!!!111!!!1oneoneone
by Dash Reid December 11, 2007
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1.A former afro. A term used to describe the haircut one obtains after shaving off an afro.

2. An afro of god like proportions.
1. Dash: Jack, why did you go and betray us by getting your afro cut off!
Jack: Because more people like the currie fro look.
Dash: Queer...

2. Dash: Holy rabbits on fire! What happened to your head!
Brendan: Well, because Jack is being a queer, I decided to get a currie fro!
Dash: I'll say! I bet I could fit a whale in there!
by Dash Reid April 11, 2008
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A wonderous beast from the land of Fresno. It has the body of a piggy bank, a fox tail, an utter that dispenses change, the Jack In The Box man living in his bum, a very large flower on his back, 4 eyes, a shower head coming out of his head, a mohawk, pierced ear, and a long snout. Good Pig later became a massive internet icon and a whiffle ball team's mascot.
Olen: Hey look at this.
Dash: ....Good Pig? Whats a Good Pig?
Olen: I don't know!
Dash: Dude, we need to put this on a shirt.
by Dash Reid April 12, 2008
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A term you say around any female who isnt named tori, (if they are named tori, say poor zoe) to freak them out and create awkward moments.
Dash: poor tori...
Jack: but im Jack!
Dash: poor tori...
Jack: what?
by Dash Reid April 11, 2008
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