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16 definitions by DarleneOliviaPope

An abnormally large larbordoodle dog that has the grace and swagger as a Clydesdale.
Sookie is going to be sooooo big! She's a clydesdoodle
by DarleneOliviaPope August 3, 2017
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A recalibration is when any given relationship, romantic or not, needs a little kick start or has gotten stale. It needs a reset or refresh button, what it needs is a recalibration!
GUSton and I were in a bit of a rut last month but instead of breaking up we decided to getaway for a weekend to have a recalibration, now we couldn't be better!
by DarleneOliviaPope June 11, 2017
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A grifter is someone random, or perhaps a distant acquaintance, who out of no where offers you something overly generous
Who are these grifters who offered you to live in their home and rent for free?
by DarleneOliviaPope November 2, 2017
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Hanie is used to describe someone is super skinny, almost anorexic and looks to be very hungry. They are hanie.
Omg have you eaten today? You look extra hanie!
by DarleneOliviaPope June 11, 2017
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A geriatric millennial is a millennial on the cusp. The oldest breed of millennial out there but still acts like a true millennial.
I'm 36 years old, they call me a geriatric millennial
by DarleneOliviaPope June 11, 2017
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FFF Is when coworkers are unnecessarily overly proper or formal on a Friday and often break out their most professional font just for emails on formal font Friday.
Miley, you are so clever with your use of formal fonts- it must be FormalFontFriday!”
by DarleneOliviaPope August 9, 2019
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Frieaaands is used to define a stage of a relationship when you’re not quite an item or official couple but you are having casual, friends with benefits, arrangements with them. Millennials often definite their intimate relationship ships to their parents as just frieaaands in an effort to hide more or just downplay a relationship.
Shane and I? No way we are just frieaaands, we only hang out casually, but in reality we are very physical and sleeping together
by DarleneOliviaPope May 7, 2019
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