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A turd charmer is one of a few highly trained members of a secret turd-charming sect that you can go to in India to deal with those stubborn turds one gets from time to time. When the turd charmer plays, the turd is animated and is summoned by the music of the flute.
It was months since I had last shat...I went to the best doctors money could buy. The doctors ran many tests on me, but finally concluded that current technology was not yet ready to handle my problem. Their analysis determined that my turd had been highly compacted under the immense pressure. It hardened to a degree it was 20x stronger than even carbon nanotubes. A general from Area 51 offered me a billion dollars if i'd let them research my turd, but I declined. Alas, there was nowhere to turd but the turd charmers of India. I was skeptical at first, but I took a place to Sri Lanka and walked through long stretches of desert until I at last came to one of the last remaining turd charmers. He made a deal--He would help me, but in return he got to keep my turd. I was reluctant at first, but i realized it was that or death. I bent over and he played his flute. I felt a rumbling from deep within my bowels, and i was terrified. My turd was animated by his amazing flute skills, it slowly emerged. The turd charmer was in a trance and did not notice the turd angrily staring at him. My turd turned it's direction towards me for a quick glance, then immediately set out into the sunset where it was never seen from or heard from again.
by Dark Lord of the Anus May 06, 2005

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The female anal cavity.
Man, I was licking my gf's womanus and she expelled the most beautiful, aromatic womanal gas I ever smelled.
by Dark Lord of the Anus April 29, 2005

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A a think encrusted layer of fecal particles that has dried and hardened and somewhat fused with the skin of the buttocks. It results from smearing butt excrement when whiping rather than actually removing it. As it hardens it becomes brittle and starts to crack, then small particles of the fecal-layer waft into the air and can get lodged in people's nostrils or open wounds, causing severe irritation, runny noses and gagging.
Man, Mandy is such a slut. I was gonna do her doggy style but her whole butt was encrusted with buttflakes.

Man, I went to a gay bar last night but i couldn't breathe cuz the air had a visible mist of brown buttflakes.
by Dark Lord of the Anus April 28, 2005

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