16 definitions by Dangerous Dave

"I boned yo momma last night"
"Snap dawg, dat was a dig!"
by Dangerous Dave February 13, 2005
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Shortened vernacular for ganja innit.
Oi blud pass us that canna we can mix in innit
Isit bruv?
Yeah Mate.
by Dangerous Dave December 09, 2004
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When you are blessed with a dong like a babies arm holding an orange, and proceed to attempt to stick it in anything with or without a pulse. Usually results in a dairylea beard
That bob has such a big dick! I was totally choking on his orange last night.
by Dangerous Dave April 14, 2005
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Also used for Arlington, VA. Part of Nova. Like Annandale only cooler. Just outside of D.C.
Big it up to all da peeps in A-Town
by Dangerous Dave February 14, 2005
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Shen you spread week old bovril on your perenium and have your collie lick it up. You then proceed to jacknife said collie until you empty your gooey load over your girlfriend (who has been reaming herself with a baseball bat at the time
Oh man, I totally went scrumping last night.
My girlfriend still can't sit down and the dog keeps running away from me.
by Dangerous Dave April 13, 2005
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A single turd of substantial size that pokes out of the water, but has most of its mass underneath the water.
Rob said upon leaving the toilet "I've just laid a shitberg. It was big enough to sink the Titanic!".
by Dangerous Dave February 08, 2012
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originally: traditional african drum
really cool pronunciation (jim-bay) allows for usage in almost any situation.
Other forms:
n - djembeity

v - to djembe (past - "djembe'd")
can mean any number of things. Primarily "to be owned" or "to be pwned"

adj - djembeic

"Dude did you see the djembeity of those threads?"

"--Did you see that dis?"
"- Yea, he got djembe'd!"
by Dangerous Dave February 19, 2005
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