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While performing cunnilingus, the wyoming elk hunter utilizes the labia to blow bugle noises like calling an elk.
I was doing the old Wyoming Elk Hunter on the old lady and the game warden stopped by the camper to investigate a poaching complaint.
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by Dan Wrather June 11, 2017
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A Frog (Frenchman) is innately dishonest. If you see a Frog with pockets, he will probably try to rob you because he is a thief.
That bitch was crookeder than a Frog with pockets! She stole my ice cube trays!
by Dan Wrather December 23, 2010
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The augmented perception of reality developed when young men go to an engineering school which is essentially all male. After several years in such a state, any woman becomes better looking. Therefore, a three may end up looking like a seven or eight to a junior in engineering.
-Did you see the new girl? She is pretty cute.
-No, she's just engineering cute with that muffin top and fupa. You need to come to the club with me this weekend to see real hotties.
-Sorry bruh, no can do. I have a big project due and I will be in the lab all weekend. Plus if I do get that finished I have to make some kessel runs on WOW.
by Dan Wrather June 11, 2017
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