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To inquire, ask for clarification...
as in-What Da Fuck?!
by DadA February 26, 2005

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Where you go after you run away from home, crash your car, or flip off President George.
I'm going to Dizz Knee Land!
by Dada June 21, 2004

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a sexy lady who is mad crazie about a 17 year old suitor
damn that indigo fusion wants to give it to rudy.
by Dada July 30, 2004

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last name of alyssa milano the girl from charmed
alyssa milano is a sexy hot bitch
by dada April 05, 2004

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somebody who all over sombody else and would do anything to stay on them
shalonda is all over danico
by dada February 16, 2005

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to insert your finger in a girls vagina in anact of sexual pleasure
yo let me RING you
by DADA April 21, 2004

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when you've just dutch ovened your girlfriend.
She pretends to go to sleep and after a few minutes she pretend to go to the bathroom and than suddenly she sits and farts with all off her ass in your face, and after 1 minute she goes back to sleep without saying a word.
Gross, got the dutch ass oven yesterday night
by dada April 13, 2005

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