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The coolest Italian American actress besides Mira Sorvino. She has a beautiful smile and looks that could knock any guy dead. She has that perfect combination of naughty and nice that keeps everyone wanting more. The only woman capable of turning straight girls into lesbians.
Alyssa Milano is such a great actress and so damn beautiful.
by Elisa Altamira November 05, 2007
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A beautiful woman who is an extremely talented actress. She has worked on numerous T.V. Shows like "Who's The Boss", "Melrose Place" and of course, "Charmed". She also has starred in many movies.
Not only is she amazing at her acting work, but she also is a representative of a charity called UNICEF. She helps people in need in third world countries...which is utterly outstanding.
Many people miss judge Alyssa Milano, she's a truly amazing and generous woman who is an Idol to many people all over the world.
Me: Charmed is my favourite T.V show! I love Alyssa Milano

Person: Nah i don't like her!!!

Me: Well i don't like you!
by Amy May 21, 2006
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The biggest hoe known to man. I swear she's probably fucked every single guy in Hollywood and I wouldn't put it past her to have done the girls too just so she could get off on it. I hope one day someone smacks some sense into that bitch with a nasty dose of AIDS
just type her name in google
by Milanho June 04, 2005
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