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Often said when thinking back to a time when life was more enjoyable.
"Remember back in 96' when we stayed at that beach house? Those were the days..."
by DMC May 24, 2004
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oral stimulation of the penis;to suck on a penis;fellatio
Your little hottie sister is quite the whipsmoker!
by DMC October 09, 2003
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Statement which suggests that its speaker is or may be a halfwit, particularly statements made with humourous intent which are, for whatever reason, adjudged to be completely witless: e.g., "Working hard or hardly working?"
Skank: "I literally died when DMc left the 'stang without saying goodbye."
Skanks brighter friend: "That's such a fuckin' halfwitticism, coz you obviously didn't."
by DMc June 15, 2004
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Originated from the suburbs of one town called Lurgan, Co. Armagh (see buckfast) this term is used in the unfortunate event of someone being completly blocked out of their minds.
You were chinbar-walloped last nite, you wanker!
by DMC December 20, 2004
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A shortened version of the saying "excuses are like asses - everybody has one."
"I told him excuses are like asses, and that he better have the job done by tomorrow."
by DMC May 24, 2004
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those being of adolescent age having draker skin usually found gathered around those of lighter skin adolesence steeling luch money to buy some dope for their crack head momma.
No luch for you today Johnny! NO, those damn yard apes stole my lunch money again.
by DMC April 27, 2003
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Some dude that's always at the 'stang.
"Who's that at the bar buying black ices?"
"Oh, that's DMc. Hey! There's Artur, too!"
by DMc June 15, 2004
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