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When a female demonstrates balls, or guts, it is said she has girl balls so as not to sound awkward.
"that girl has, what's the word?"
"girl balls?"
"yeah, that's it."
by DJ Dogman December 11, 2006
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Adj. A popular clothing style which was the bastard child of late-90's street fashion and the 80's aesthetic, pigeonholed as "preppy", because of it's organic and pale colors.The fashion end of it's design can be developed to such a degree that it could be claimed as foofy.watch any group of young people at a mall, wal-mart, et-cetera.
kid 1 :"Super Mario Brothers rocks. I love the 80's."
kid 2 :"Dude, you weren't even alive in the 80's".
kid 3 :"Pseudo-grunge poser!"
by DJ Dogman March 28, 2006
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The amusing locks that form when falling snow accumulates in long, loose hair.
Dude, I got hard, icy pseudo-dreads from walking in the snow with my thick, flowing mane untied, giving me an ice-vampire vibe.I shall christen them snow dreads. Nice:)
by DJ Dogman December 13, 2005
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name for crushed salvia divinorum leaves, for both its texture and smell.
This stuff smells like fish food.
by DJ Dogman December 06, 2006
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noun. shortened term for "jaguar".
"oh no, here comes a bigass jagger!"
by DJ Dogman June 11, 2006
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noun. term of affection for a generic or pleasantly bland houseplant, such as violets, aloe vera, or any other common non-hallucinogenic houseplant.
I went to Target to get a weed this weekend.
by DJ Dogman April 22, 2006
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