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male masturbation; jacking off, choking the chicken, bashing the bishop, polishing the rocket.
When i think about my gf, i start waxing the dolphin.

I walked in on Barry waxing the dolphin.
by DJ Buss April 27, 2010

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an un-erect, large, chubby penis.
My tossle hangs out the bottom of my shorts.

When i see my gf naked, my tossle goes hard.
by DJ Buss May 29, 2010

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The suburb between Bulli and Corrimal. Also known as heaven or paradise. Woonona has the best beaches in the Illawarra and has some of the sickest cunts out living there. There are also chicks everywhere.
#1-Guy 1: Hey man, wanna hit up Woonona beach then go get some food from the circle?

Guy 2: Yeh man, i love living in paradise.

#2-Woonona has heaps of bangin chicks.
by DJ Buss March 24, 2011

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What u say to ur bitch.
Jenny totally fondled my tossle last night.

When my girl fondles my tossle i get so hard.

Fondle my tossle bitch!
by DJ Buss May 29, 2010

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