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Hollister Co. is a clothing line brought to you by Abercrombie & Fitch. The Hollister store is all about setting and imagery. Every store entrance is sheltered by a small spanish tile roof that appears to have been weathered over the years of tropical storms, and the golden bake of the sun.
Stores are filled with tropical florals, mostly palmish faux plants that give you the feeling of being whisked away to a far off place with sandy beaches and good times. Depending on the season the store always has a fresh aroma hovering over its apparel giving off a sense of lush cleanliness and exclusivity.
The lighting is dim inside the surfer hut where various clothing items are emblazened with golden spot lighting. A plethera of pop culture magazines and happy go lucky albums are lined in small cubby's along the front of the counter, and surf boards are hung behind the cashiers on the sea blue wooden tounge and groove walls.
Loud music plays throughout, and there are plenty of plump leather arm chairs to sit in simply to relax and enjoy the experience. The seating area closely resembles a seating arangement in a cabin around a warm fire, with plush plaid blankets flung over worn leather chairs and aged southwestern rugs strategically placed along the painted hardwood floors.
Hollister Co. is a personal get away, where you can experience the feel of coastal culture in your own suburban backyard. Just a few minutes in the store will give you the feeling that you've just reached your vacation destination where you can let loose and enjoy the layed back life style.
All of the clothing items have a worn in weathered look to them like they've all been hand washed with nothing more than sea foam and a bar of hand soap. With truly unique fittings and styles... Hollister tends to be a trend setter when it comes to lifestyle clothing brands. All clothing is made of top notch material for durability and quality.
Some are turned off more by the staff than by the actual company itself. Hollister advertises a certain youthful sexiness that sadly attracts a less than humble crew to stock shelves and stand around idly in self absortion while you roam around in the store and soak it up for yourself. However, if you can see past the mild sense of vanity that plagues the staffers... you will most likely find that Hollister is a quite enjoyable place for the youthful shopper.
Hollister Co.
(Me:) "Why does everyone on here have cheesy cliche jokes in the form of dialogue?"
(Me:) "You people aren't really that funny or original. Please quit your day jobs and go back to joke school."
by J. E. Merrick April 23, 2008
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Company owned by Abercrombie and Fitch that is taken off of the actual city, Hollister, California. (I would know, I live here...)
Cheaper than Abercrombie, still hella expensive, but honestly-- who gives a damn?

If you're really that materialistic to be caring what other people are wearing, then you have serious issues. Let the people wear what they effing want to wear. Do I wear Hollister? Not particularly. Do some of my friends shop there? Yes. Do I care? No. Should I? No. If I find something cute that I like there that doesn't cost too much should I get it? Yes.

Honestly people. They're JUST CLOTHES! I can't believe you people are discriminate of people because of their clothes. How effing retarded can you get?
Stupid emo kid that hates everyone and everything: "Oh my gawd, what a lame ass. They're wearing HOLLISTER..."
Real Person: "...and...?"
Stupid emo kid: "WHAT A LOSER!"
Real Person: "...and you care, why?"
Stupid emo kid: "Because! They shop there!"
Real Person: "O...kay..."
Stupid emo kid: *runs off crying* "I hate Hollister people! WAAAAH!!!"
Real Person: "...moving on...!"
by jomommajoe April 18, 2005
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A brand that people who say they don't care about clothes hate... And the same people who "don't judge based on appearance" hate anyone who wears Hollister or Abercrombie. Its interesting that you can have your own styles and yet it apparently makes you a bitch to shop at hollister. Did you know that fasion is considered an art form? It is in the metripolitan museam of art: "Fashion." So why can't people care about what they wear and that includes wearing whatever clothes they want to: vintage shops, goodwill, target, nordstrom, zoomiez, pacsun, ae, abercrombie, hollister, urban outfitters, ann taylor, thisisit, small boutiques, ANYTHING. And people have a right not to be stereotyped for what they wear, and that includes people who wear Hollister.
"I dont care about what people wear... unless they wear hollister or abercrombie: then I hate them!!!"

(is there a contradiction there?)
by sunflower April 19, 2005
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Owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, Holister is neither prep nor expensive. Yes some of the items are pricey but no more than Hot Topic. Now shoping there is kinda hard because of dim lit lighting, but that appels to some so I will let it go. If you wish to know more go into the store and make your OWN judgemnent. Who knows you might buy something.
Mei: Lets go into Hollister
Tori: All right, maybe I can find something to match these pants from Hot Topic
Mei: That shirt is badass and its only $10
Tori: I know.
Mei: I love how you make your OWN style.
by WildDesigner May 06, 2005
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Pretty decent west coast store with clothing-some nice, some boring. their clothes are not too small.... there are people who after all bother to keep in shape. Is bitched about by people who have nothing better to do than stand in their flocks and declare that they are not sheep. (HA!)
Person: Oh i can totally fit into this skirt.
Person: I just had two. *smiles*
Whiner: Bitch.
by follocks April 21, 2005
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A semi-expensive west coast version of A&F store where people of all backgrounds go shopping. and they DO hire people of different backgrounds. im not a prep and dont act like one, but i shop there because i adore the clothes. its pure opinion, you dont have to to be a dumb blonde to shop there.
I got ripped jeans a cute cami at Hollister.
by Alisa April 04, 2005
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