The most whitest dance that has ever been created.
The song it self refers to "Super Soaking that Ho" and "Superman that Ho"
It has many different versions mostly refering to cartoons(Spongebob, Lion King, Spiderman)or sometimes US presidents(Roosevelt)
Crank Dat Souja Boy is the only dance that the white people around the world can dance to since it is so easy and pathetic.
John- Hey! we should so Crank that Souja Boy!
Geroge- Now is not the time to make a fool of ourselves at this dance off.

Haven-Hey Emma! Crank that Roosevelt!
Emma- No I will not crank anything!
by Sarah Bo October 20, 2007
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Rap keng he has 15 milonon dollhairs in debt from stopid libaryiels frik those libreals
Souja boy rap keng
by SushiTrash July 7, 2018
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