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An agreement or harmony, especially in the words of a poem.
"I have never felt a breeze so strong. It reminds me pleasantly of spring. The air doth sweetly sing."

"What 'da fuck you talkin' bout?! I don't wanna here 'dat consonance shit."
by D-Vo January 20, 2006

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A miniature copy of something, especially one which represents a larger whole.
Yo' dick is a microcosm of a peanut.
by D-Vo January 19, 2006

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Very slight or gradual so that it can go undetected or almost undetected.
Big Daddy Disappear got away again?! Damn! That nigga' is imperceptible!
by D-Vo February 02, 2006

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To lock away, seclude, or confine someone.
If he gets all up in my cool-aid one more time, I'm gunna immure that bitch ass!
by D-Vo January 19, 2006

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n. A prophet or interpreter.
v. To suggest what will happen in the future.
J-Dawg pulled Li'l Skippa' to the ground a full 5 seconds before the Street Boyz gang could off him in a drive-by:
"You'se a fuckin' augur, J-dawg," said Skippa' in utmost appreciation.
by D-Vo January 25, 2006

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