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A person who is always quick to point out the flaws in something another person did, but lacks the balls to do anything himself.
"Dude you shouldn't have even tried to talk to her, it was obvious you were going to get shut down."

"Yeah well you know what you damn lancearmstronger? I'm sleeping with your sister."
by D H November 11, 2007

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A person who obnoxiously interrogates someone who has just lost a bet to the point of extreme anger while inserting retarded nuggets of genious that would make even John Madden proud.
"So how much did you lose on the Colts game tonight?"

"Shut up man, I don't want to talk about it."

"I can't believe you made that bet. It was so obvious that Manning was going to throw six interceptions and lose a fumble tonight."

"You know what Jack? Stop being such a fucking maddener and go play in traffic."
by D H November 11, 2007

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1) An elitist university where one would go to waste "$150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late fees at the public library."

2) The home of athletes who make others feel better about themselves and look especially talented.
"I just wasted 150,000 dollars last weekend in Vegas!"
"That sucks, but I went to Harvard and it took me four years."


Harvard just played hockey against Cornell.
by D H April 18, 2006

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Home of arguably the worst of all architectural eyesores, its architecture building.
Student 1: "Do you think that we should admit to the horrific appearance of that architecture building?"

Student 2: "Well, even though we're at Princeton, where we're all self-acknowledging elitists who are incapable of taking criticism and we have to constantly tell ourselves that we're the best university in the country because nobody else cares, I think it's pretty ridiculous not to agree that the building is quite ironically disgusting.
by D H August 30, 2006

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A place in California which looks strikingly like an enormous Mexican restauraunt. Also, an astoundingly expensive, premier (elitist) university with some brilliant minds and a party scene as dead as any Darwin award winner.
Trust fund son one: "Did I really spend my entire life working to get in here?"

Trust fund son two: "Yeah man, Stanford is lamer than my grandma on life support. Well, at least we don't smell half as bad as Berkeley."
by D H December 11, 2006

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