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When two guys hug each other.
Susan: "Are you guys gay?"

Bob and Victor: "No it's man love, woman!"
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes March 03, 2008

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A mental disorder that stops people from living the lives that they had always dreamed of.
Everyday when you step foot outside of your house, it's like constant anxiousness, and you can't really do anything.
It's horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
It can get so bad that people can't leave their houses becuase it's not worth it.
You'll never understand what it's like, unless you have it yourself. A lot of people think that it's people overreacting and being shy, but they really have no clue.
This disorder often comes with other disorders, like depression, bipolar, etc.
This disorder can be treated successfully (I think/hope...), but people with social anxiety are too scared or embarassed to ask for help. I think that many people get misdiagnosed when they do ask for help. So many people turn to drugs or alcohol to help them find relief.
People with S.A.D. are misunderstood and I get in trouble becuase I don't talk loud enough and don't do homework assignments (like book reports) so that I don't have to do oral presentations. I can't leave my house by myself.
And a really miserable part of any anxiety disorder is panic attacks which cause people with the disorder to think they're dying or going crazy.

I always dream about what it would be like to not have social anxiety disorder. I can't imagine what it would be like to have one day where I could do everything I've ever imagined. If I ever get treated, or somehow magically it goes away (which I know it never will), I'm going to do everything that I can't do now.
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes April 02, 2008

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1. A yummy drink thing made out of ice cream and milk and shaked together.

2. boobs!
"My milkshakes bring all boys to the yard."
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes March 03, 2008

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The Lake Bodom murders were an infamous multiple homicide that took place in Finland in 1960. Lake Bodom is a small lake by the city of Espoo, about 22 kilometres west of the country's capital, Helsinki. On the night of June 4, 1960, four teenagers were camping on the shores of Lake Bodom. Between 4am and 6am an unknown person or persons murdered three of them with a knife and blunt instrument wounding the fourth.

The murders inspired the kickass band Children of Bodom.
"I survived Lake Bodom!"
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes March 03, 2008

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This usually means someone who's head is balding, or completely bald, but has a huge beard to show that s/he is still capable of growing hair.

It could also mean that someone is bald, but hairy everywhere else. Like they're back, legs and arms. They can often be seen at places where swim suits are worn (like beaches, pools, waterworld).
"Wow that guy has hair everywhere but not up there."
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes April 02, 2008

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Another word for crack cocaine.
"He's not crazy. He sniffs donut sprinkles."
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes March 03, 2008

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When someone forces you to go out with them, and then gets mad when you don't want to make out with their ugly ass.
"Wtf. She's prude. She won't even make out with me."

"Wow, I wonder why."
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes February 15, 2008

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