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A blanket term that describes how Producers and/or Directors play fast and loose with character gender, phenomal variant or sexual orientation. Perhaps they think that appealing to everyone will gain them the audience of... everyone but it very quickly ceases to be amusing. In some cases it can even be disturbing.
They cast a black female as Ann Boleyn!
Decades before England knew black people existed? That is EthnoWashing.
by CryHavoc February 5, 2021
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(Usually) a younger individual that will down excessive amounts of energy drinks while working. The unrealistic speed resulting from such an action is disruptive, skews time allotted values on a production line and makes hard working and productive people look bad to the boss.
Person 1: Man. that guy looks like he is flying!
Person 2: (annoyed expression) That's our resident Amphead. A gallon of Red Bull will sure give you wings...
by CryHavoc August 21, 2019
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The equivalent of a Star Trek Redshirt, these ominous looking people are usually dressed in black tactical gear (but also can be in street clothes.)Their only purpose is to be killed by the protagonist (if they are protecting the bad guys) or killed by the antagonist or his minions (if they are protecting the Good Guys). It is pointless having them around in either situation because their main use is to plug up gaping plot holes in an idiotic movie.
"Man, look at all of that firepower!"
"Most of them are Security Nebbishes so they won't be able to harm us."
by CryHavoc July 17, 2019
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A semi fraudulent method of selling goods (usually for trading cards but can apply to the equivalent). The seller will state that items are raw and ungraded/unsearched but in reality, they have been searched but the seller 'plants' better quality items in what is purchased in the hopes that the buyer will be exultant regarding the find. (Similar to Storage Wars tactics).
Person 1: I got 1000 trading cards for twenty dollars! I even found a three dollar rookie card in the mix!!!

Person 2: Twenty dollars for 999 commons and one 3 dollar card? You were Storage Warred
by CryHavoc August 18, 2019
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A rather unbelievable generation sandwiched between Generation X and the Space Generation. Their lack of base level knowledge is cringeworthy and their ignorance is vast and thundering.
Socialism is cool! Russia is our friend! Saudi Arabia is our ally!

Only a Millidiot would say such things
by CryHavoc December 9, 2019
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A single term that describes Producers & Directors (Usually Television, Movies of Music Videos) that play fast and loose with gender, phenomal strain or sexual orientation regarding humankind along with including at least three of the four base human strains (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid) Perhaps it is thought that having broad representation will equal broad appeal. While some of this can be amusing or doesn't interfere with a story line, other instances of this can leave people shaking their heads (and in some cases can be dangerous).
Person 1: You see the latest version of The Stand? It is cool!
Person 2: The story line is still there but one gal with a German last name is now Hispanic, a white male character is now a Native American female and a second white male character is now black. So the minorities are going to be killed by the evil white people? This is politicized Inclusive Ethno-Washing designed to circumvent rational thought. (Dangerous).

Ann Boleyn is going to be black? England didn't even know blacks existed at that time. This is inane inclusive Ethno-Washing.

Fantastic Four reboot made the Storms step siblings. Needless to say, the Inclusive Ethno-Washing (A black Johnny Storm) didn't go over well.
by CryHavoc February 4, 2021
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The modern successor to the Hollywood Six Shooter. This pistol can fire an inordinate amount of shots before being reloaded (if that even happens.)
"That is forty shots without reloading!"
"The actor has a Hollywood Nine Mil."
by CryHavoc July 17, 2019
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