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Unbelievably awesome game.
HL2 beats 700 shades of shite out of Halo 2.
by Crowbar December 20, 2004

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Gives beastman aids to every good boy and girl today
I've got aids ! Beastman aids !
by Crowbar October 08, 2003

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One who embodies the characteristics of a chode.
Arielle, you are so girthy! You are a real Chodey McChodester!
by Crowbar January 18, 2005

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a penis that is wider then it is long
Patricks chode was too big for the sluts mouth
by Crowbar October 08, 2003

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1 A Jerk-hick.
2 Someone or something that screws you over, usually in Super Smash Brothers.
3 The act of screwing someone over.
4 A good website made by lazy bums.
To screw someone over.
Past: Jicked
1. "You're such a jick Tym"
2. Pokefloats is such a jick.
3. That jick cost me the Game.
4. Hey Alex, have you seen the new Jick cartoon, its only four months old?
V. You edge-camper, you jick everyone.
by Crowbar December 29, 2004

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A reassuring phrase you offer to a person whom is under the influence of marijuana and struggling at a task due to being seriously high. The phrase signifies that you understand what they are dealing with and are not judging them for being to high to function properly and that they are free to be themselves ensuring good "vibes". It can also be used at times for a friend whom is uncomfortably stoned and they need to lay down or put both head phones in, stating that they're not being weird and that their "struggle" is indeed "real" and that you respect that.
Dude 1: holding bong "Damn man I'm to stoned to hold this bowl"
Dude 2: couch locked next to him "The struggle is real man, the struggle is real"

Dude 1: Stammering and laughing at a drive through ordering mic
*pull away from mic*
Dude 1: "I totally fucked that up"
Dude 2: "The struggle is real man"
by CrowBar June 25, 2014

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