A mythilogical half-man half-beast creature. Commonly found in the wilderness, but rarely ever spotted. Few accounts of female and male victims stated, that this creature is tall, slim but strong. Partially covered in hair. These victims were found by local town's people, sexually assaulted and physically beaten. There has been two reported cases where people have been found murdered. Beastman has often been used as a deterrent to underage sex, see the example below. Beastman is currently wanted by serveral law enforcements and considered extremely dangerous.
The worst case scenario reported appeared that one of the murdered victim's anus region was stretched approximately 20 cm in diameter (About the size of a small tree trunk). This caused the victims pelvis to be internally ripped apart, also crushing the spinal chord. Pathologists have reason to believe this was not done by any instrument but the actual creature's sexual limb, as alot of semen was found. Most cases of the 'Beastman's revenge' causes the jaw bone to be shattered, as it is violently raped.
"Dont go sleeping with boys or the beastman will get you"
by MikeR0959 May 25, 2008
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In He-Man and the Masters of the universe, one of Skeletor's evil henchmen. He has the power over wild beasts.
"What was that Beastman?"
by Overlord of Evil June 06, 2004
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To skull fuck someone and while defecating on the chest, Then removing the eye or part of brain where seamen came into contact with and eating it along with deficate.
Shut your mouth or I am going to beast man you!
by LanceP January 13, 2010
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man or animal that has fur growing in odd places
that thing is what we call a beastman
by jenfoldsfive September 24, 2003
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