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Tosh.0's spirited sequal to "White Men can't jump". Mainly the movie is to show reverse descrimination, as to be ironic.

(It's not a real movie though, it's only a joke.)
Average homeboy: How come it's okay to make a movie like "White Men can't jump", but not "Black Men Can't Swim"?
Tosh:... That sounds like a great idea for a movie :D.
by Creeper Jones February 10, 2010

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A common Punch-Out meme that discribes taking what is basically anything, TO THE X-TREME!!! It must be released NOW... DO IT!

This phrase was created by Super Macho Man and can be reaplied to anthing.
Guy 1: Dude I just can't ask her out man
Guy 2: RELEASE THE BOGUS!!! *punches in face*

Guy 1: Help, I'm being chased by a fat kid!

Guy 1: Hey what are you getting.
by Creeper Jones September 11, 2009

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A simple solution for all problems in life.
Person 1: Why wont you watch Coraline with me.
Person 2: Fine, just tell me one good lesson I could get from it!
Person 1: When all else fails... THROW THE CAT!!! >:D
by Creeper Jones August 28, 2009

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A contraction of f*** it most commonly used out of boredom of something, or anger. The f*** is cencored to just "F" while "it" is left at the end. Together "F" and "it" make "f-it" and that becomes "effit".
Guy 1: Gaaaaaaaah

Guy 2: OMG RU OK?

Guy 1: I'v lost over 9000 lives manray surving in SMG... ya know what... effit.

Guy 2: Don't worry I'll do this level for you.

Guy 3: Ug! I't been 2 hours... effit I'm going upstairs
by Creeper Jones June 07, 2010

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The most fun that you can possibly have... on a budget.
It's basically a large wooden cup with a handle to grab, attached to the handle is a string, and attached to the string... is a ball. The goal is to get the ball, in the cup.
I went in to town and saw some broke looking kids, they played ball in a cup for 2 hours!
by Creeper Jones July 21, 2009

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When following 1 person on twitter or 1 person following you, causes a storm of related followers to almost magically appear.
Two weeks from today I was a desperate tweeter, but thanks to the magic of a "twitter cult" a storm of diet & health train tweeter have joined. My 36 followers is about to jump over 100!
by Creeper Jones May 15, 2010

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A specific bone that causes the most pain when hit.

Usually a person's nerve bone is in their left elbow or right knee.
Person 1: Aaaaah!!!
Person 2: OMG R U OK?
Person 1: Sure, I was just hit in the elbow.
Person 2: Sounds like that struck a nerve.
Person 1: Yeah, that's my nerve bone :(.
by Creeper Jones April 13, 2010

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