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Woman / girl who will sleep with any one or anything as often as possible. Women with numerous tattoos are usually a dead giveaway.
"I ain't goin' near that Meat Closet; I might catch something!"
by Crazy Sven February 11, 2003
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Not to be confused with a "goat rope", a Goat Roper is an archaic term for a redneck. It lost popularity in the late 1900's, but has had a resurgence in popularity recently. A goat roper denotes someone who is a "hick", and/or clumsy and stupid. Usually said person works in the farming industry, but is not exclusive to this.
"That guy Bill is a real goat roper, did you see the spit stains running down the driver's side of his old, dented 1978 Ford F150 pickup?"
by Crazy Sven April 05, 2006
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Commonly known as the bulb on the end of a douche or a turkey baster. Also, slang for pathetically slow or bad driver; often encountered when in a hurry to get somewhere.
I'll get to work on time if I can just get past this squeezebulb in front of me!

That squeezebulb at the head of the line is driving like he's been smoking heroin for breakfast.
by Crazy Sven March 05, 2004
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Condom. Trojan is a brand name for a condom as well.
When on a date with a dirty, skanky girl with tattoos, be sure to wear your Trojan War Helmet.
by Crazy Sven February 11, 2003
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A favorite pillow that lacks definition and firmness. Any pillow that is limp, or has feathers flying out of it. The opposite of Choate Waballoo; or fat, firm pillow.

Occasionaly; sexual deviants of impure nature refer to their pillows in this manner as if describing a girlfriend.
You suck. You snarfed all the choates and left me the twitters.

I get off on the choates...you seem to be turned on by the twitters. We're perfect for each other.
by Crazy Sven April 14, 2007
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Shallow abbreviation of first name "Tom" or "Thomas". Comic shortening of an already short first name. "T" as in "Mr. T". This, among other now imperceptible ponderings, through transmogrification, equals the capitol "T" mixed with the logical addition of "Bag"; especially when under the influence of tequila, hence, T Bag.
"Don't come running to me for answers as to why we destroyed Mrs. Wilson's tulip garden with the delivery truck....Blame it on Mr. T Bag".
by Crazy Sven April 14, 2007
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