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To turn some or all of a fully functioning website into a steaming pile of crap by trying to squeeze it into a half-baked CMS.
Management: "We just saw this amazing presentation of a website running through this CMS called Tridion. We're buying it."

10 months later...

Management: "We may have made mistakes by trying to Tridionise our website. But we'll make the best of a bad situation and leave town."
by Crazy Coder August 27, 2008

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Facebook Fit is a scenario where you have a friend on Facebook who is very average looking in real life, but looks hot in their Facebook pictures.
That Katie is such an enigma. She looks so hot on Facebook, but in person, she's a dog. She's 'Facebook Fit'.
by Crazy Coder January 23, 2009

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Another term for exploit.
Get your software patched before it's sploited
by Crazy Coder June 30, 2005

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An implementation of programming which collapses on its first run, in the same way as the Titanic.
The Titanic worked well.
Shame about the fucking iceberg though.

That's Titanic code, you know it'll fall apart in testing?!
by Crazy Coder June 10, 2008

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Trendjacking occurs when a trending topic on Twitter is hijacked with irrelevant tweets from spam users.
Google Wave is one of the top trending topics on Twitter, but it's been hijacked by hoards of spam peddlers - trendjacking.
by Crazy Coder September 30, 2009

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