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The act of farting while wearing a wetsuit. The fartbubble travels up the suit and expels through the collar making a fart like noise.
Dude! That hot blonde just ripped a hotdog flavored sea biscut.
by Crass October 12, 2004
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When something goes terribly wrong.
"This hot bitch was giving me a dirty sanchez and then her boyfriend walked in. I bailed out the window and broke my toe. That shit was hawkus man."
by Crass October 12, 2004
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when your talking to a whore and she wants you dick but you dont want STDs.
Its not you, its me, i just have really high standards.
by crass June 27, 2004
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A city in California
Let's go to San Luis Obispo.
by Crass October 15, 2003
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