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Your dream man. Could be anybody.
Tiffany: Omg, Rachel, I swear to you I found my Mr. Right today.

Rachel: Lucky. I'm still on the lookout.
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by CranberryKing January 16, 2017

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Gone. Left. Could sometimes even mean dead.

No longer important.
Guy 1: Hey dude whatever happened to Roland?

Guy 2: Oh don't worry about him. Roland's out of the picture now.
by CranberryKing May 05, 2017

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Ironically, the type of dude who a girl can spend the rest of her life with. He could be standing right in front of her and she'll overlook him at first because girls have a tendency to fall for broken bad boys. The average guy is most likely to be friend-zoned unless you're Ron from Kim Possible. Props to an average guy who scores a girlfriend!

"Average" guys are actually the best guys. When a girl dates a boy like this, he becomes more than average to her.
Girl 1: Ugh I just got dumped by Trent.
Girl 2: He wasn't right for you. Don't you think Robbie is a better fit?
Girl 1: Robbie is just an average guy, though.
Girl 2: So? He treats you nicer! Give him a chance.
by CranberryKing December 04, 2017

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When you move faster than the speed of light. Pretty cool. Spaceships and superheroes do it. Everything basically becomes blurry.
Pilot (1) to Pilot (2): Damn! Put that shit into hyperdrive so we can end up in the Nebulark Galaxy already.

Pilot (2) accelerates: Vroom Vroom!

Spaceship flies off into the stars.
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by CranberryKing January 12, 2017

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When someone tries to make you seem old, or makes fun of you for liking old-school things.
(Being outdated).
Bro #1: I love 50 Cent, fam!

Bro #2: What? Outta here with your Dusty ass. It's all about Kendrick Lamar now.
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by CranberryKing January 03, 2017

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How Southerners say "nipple."
Southerner #1: Well that's a mighty fine nepple you have there!
Southerner #2: Thanks!
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by CranberryKing February 05, 2017

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When you're so buff that your muscles have muscles.
Omg Heather, Craig came back from summer break and looks so hot now!
I know, Craig is totally swolzies.
by CranberryKing July 21, 2017

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