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When you move faster than the speed of light. Pretty cool. Spaceships and superheroes do it. Everything basically becomes blurry.
Pilot (1) to Pilot (2): Damn! Put that shit into hyperdrive so we can end up in the Nebulark Galaxy already.

Pilot (2) accelerates: Vroom Vroom!

Spaceship flies off into the stars.
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by CranberryKing January 12, 2017
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When your sex drive is so high ,you have intercourse with your wife but her sister gets pregnant.
Emily:I am going to have a baby,Martha!
Martha: Wow,are you pregnant?When is it due?
Emily:Not me silly,its Amanda again.Jerry hyperdrove last week too much.
Martha: Emily I think....
Emily:All my children came from hyperdriving Martha.
Martha: Your family is fucked up ,Em.
Emily:Maybe you should see if Jeff can hyperdrive too for painless pregnancy ,Martha.
by themanfromthefuture April 10, 2017
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