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3rd Base is getting either a Hand Job, Fingering or Oral Sex. Can also be used as foreplay before sex or just a Sexual activity without having to actually have full Sexual Intercourse
"hey .. whats third base actualy feel like?"
"It feels like warm apple pie..."
-American Pie
by Cosnett April 06, 2005

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Music label formed by DMX.
Ryders consists of Jadakiss, Jin, DMX, Drag-On, Styles, The Lox, Sheek, LT, Fiend, Aja, Infa Red & Cross.

Joaquin, Darrin, & Chivon Dean, established Ruff Ryders Records in 1988. These three siblings decided to launch their own record label after managing several artist careers for a numbers of years. The success of their business is created around the family environment they provide for their stable of artist. Ruff Ryders commitment to its family value has created a new breed of Hip Hop artist who work, corporately to promote their music. This posture has made them an innovators in the growing trend of family based businesses in the music industry. Their philosophy of business is centered on cross marketing their artist with their brand in order to allow all components of their business to be successful.
Ruff Ryders Tracks Consist of:

DMX - Where the Hood at
Drag-on - Trouble
Jadakiss - Kiss of Death
Jin - Learn Chinese
by Cosnett September 29, 2005

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stands for "Whatever". this is most commonly used in online chatting. usually used in a degrading way of not caring about what the other person says.
Person A: Hey i'm sorry ok, real sorry
Person B: Wtvr, get lost
by Cosnett February 26, 2005

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Destrudo is the energy of the self-destructive impulse. It is the antonym of libido. While libido is the urge to create, destrudo is the urge to destroy, both yourself and everything around you. It is a less well known life force, and is usually ignored in place of more well known and well defined theories on human emotion.
In the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion during the 9th chapter "Lilith", the character Hyuga reports that "the pilot's destrado sic is beginning to manifest" in reference to Shinji Ikari. The audio commentary on the DVD offers a very slight discussion and mentions that it should not be confused with the "Death Impulse". The name Weiss is also mentioned in having a lot to do with libido, destrudo and the death impulse in early psychology, but little else is mentioned.
by Cosnett October 14, 2005

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a Fat Smilie that looks a bit like Kirby
shit my smilie eaten too much again
by Cosnett February 12, 2005

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Obviously this is an ASCII symbol for a pair of breasts
thats right, you got tits in your face
by Cosnett February 20, 2005

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