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Destrudo is the energy of the self-destructive impulse. It is the antonym of libido. While libido is the urge to create, destrudo is the urge to destroy, both yourself and everything around you. It is a less well known life force, and is usually ignored in place of more well known and well defined theories on human emotion.
In the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion during the 9th chapter "Lilith", the character Hyuga reports that "the pilot's destrado sic is beginning to manifest" in reference to Shinji Ikari. The audio commentary on the DVD offers a very slight discussion and mentions that it should not be confused with the "Death Impulse". The name Weiss is also mentioned in having a lot to do with libido, destrudo and the death impulse in early psychology, but little else is mentioned.
by Cosnett October 14, 2005
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