To do what is expected of one.
She decided to toe the line rather than disobey her parents.
by D_C March 24, 2004
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To stay in order, be obedient.
Origin: From the line in the House of Commons which members must stay behind during session. "Toe the line" is to conform to the rules.
by Dizz March 22, 2004
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To behave according to strict rules. Sometimes an order given, especially to a child.

Somewhat archaic.
Angry father: "You'd better toe the line this time, mister, or next time I catch you tattooing your sister's name on shaved dogs you'll be grounded for a month!"
by Athene Airheart March 21, 2004
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Putting your big toe in someone’s ass crack.
I had to wash my feet after sex last night. I was really toeing the line.
by LukeofDuke August 6, 2021
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