Obnoxion is a word made by Moriah Elizabeth in one of her youtube videos and means that something is obnoxious.
by twbyrtfv September 23, 2020
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denoting action or condition. Think Obnoxious, but in a state of obnoxion.
There is a fine line between just bright colours and straight obnoxion.
by BeyethYello July 03, 2020
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My favorite word, invented by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth. According to her, it id the word we will all stan. To my understanding it means obnoxiously obnoxious
"The colors are not in rainbow order. It's pure OBNOXION."
by weird-word_lover August 22, 2020
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Obnoxion is a word created by the famous YouTube artist who is know for her squishy makeovers Moriah Elisabeth
Moriah: Obnoxion! New word! New word! It’s mine
by Kenzieβ™‘οΈŽ March 07, 2021
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mix of obnoxious and oblivious, looking like the definition of ignorance in action
hey did you see timmy, he's in obnoxion; all the way full retard that guy went.
via giphy
by Pixel_Letters March 13, 2021
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