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ghetto spread is what you make in jail when you cant afford the ingredients for a real spread

1 - shrimp TOP RAMEN ( missing season packet because you used to season your eggs and potatoes for breakfast )
1- bag of CLASSIC LAYS potato chips

- while water is boiling smash the fuck out of your bag of shrimp TOP RAMEN but be careful to not just throw bag on the ground like you would normally do because remember this one is missing your bag of seasoning. Dont want to fuck up your spread by throwing your noodles all over your cell.

- add noodles to water and then once noodles are cooked spread your noodles out on plastic bag then pour your bag of CLASSIC LAYS ontop of your TOP RAMEN

-say your prayer then eat alone and make sure you don't let any of the bums see you making this or else your hungry ass wont be eating alone
"aye, TINY BABY FACE! after your break off for throwing your open bag of TOP RAMEN all over your celly, make sure to eat another ghetto spread for maximum results for your out date lil homie...and sound off when your done!!"
by young savvy IE WEST END PWG December 03, 2020
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cooking with fire is lindy
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Comfort food for the recently or regularly incarcerated person or someone who wants street cred by making an entrée whose ingredients are traditionally limited by commissary availability. Different from a jail spread in that its ingredients are purchased with foodstamps rather than their mother or partner's willingness to put money on their books.
Wow that guy aint no punk cuz he likes his ghetto spread the same as me!-said no real convict ever
by MoparPunk February 05, 2021
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It's like a charcuterie board, but much lower class. instead of nice cheese and curated meats, deli ham and craft singles
"Man, I heard the Wilsons down the street had a real ghetto spread this year, didn't know they were on such hard times."
by Delphian44 December 16, 2020
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A stock trading strategy invented by the Trading Fraternity meant to make plays "free". This strategy involves purchasing a call or put then locking in profit by selling an option further out the money.
We bought 2 TLT February 12 165 calls for .21 then ghetto spread it making free by selling 1 February 12 170 call for .42
by Cult Member Chad September 21, 2020
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Its like a debit spread, but you buy the option first, and when price goes up (in the case of a call) or down ( in the case of a put) you sell another for the same or more of what you paid for the first one. That way, even though you maxed your profits, you eliminate the risk.
Finance Bro 1: "Bro I think TSLA is going to the moon
Finance Bro 2: " Yeah am probably going to open a ghetto spread, that way, it it goes down, I eliminated the risk.
by JJ69420 September 20, 2020
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