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Antioch (ant-E-yock) proper noun

Antioch is a strange city located about an hour east of San Francisco, where wild turkeys, wiggers, and crime run rampant.


-White male (who acts/dresses like he's from some kind of hood) says: "Daaaamm nigga! Look at all dem motha fuckin turkeys runnin around!"...
-Similarly dressed white male (with the same accent) replies: "Das wassup!"
The city of Antioch is a precious gem in the state of California if a precious gem where the same thing as stepping in a fresh pile of dog shit with no shoes or socks on, and the poo was still warm
by Coolcandy October 14, 2014

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-pro noun
When semen pools inside the belly-button after a man ejaculates onto his partners (lower) stomach. Thus, forming a Jizcuzzi
After Aaron busted a load on my stomach, he blew bubbles into my Jizcuzzi!
by Coolcandy January 27, 2009

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The period of time in which you cant sit down after taking a poop
Dude that shit I took was fucked up. I was in butt-recovery-mode for like 15 minutes!
by Coolcandy March 07, 2010

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Noun (poooo broooo)

Poo brews are farts that occur when a turd has formed in the butt-chamber, and is waiting for departure. The gas from your body has to pass through this turd which acts like a filter made out of shit. Thus causing the fart to smell extremely bad
Sorry dude. That's farts gonna smell really bad. I've got a total poo brew right now
by Coolcandy August 28, 2014

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Noun (nigg-nawg). A term that can be used as a term to describe someone who is or has acted incompetent, dumb, annoying, rude, or just sucks in general
Dude...this mother fuckin nignog straight up threw my microwave out my old aptaetment window, and broke it, when I was moving into my new place. You gotta use the oven bro, sorry
by Coolcandy September 04, 2014

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A black person who is a biggot.

Dam that nigga is a cracker-hatin' biggot....aka....niggot
by Coolcandy September 27, 2013

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A term used to describe any type of Women's underwear that fully cover the butt.

Synonym "granny panties"
I can always tell it's time to do laundry when all I have left to wear are my full-backs
by Coolcandy September 11, 2014

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