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The shrink who studied a young Michael Myers in the Halloween films. He was played by the late Donald Pleasance and was last seen in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. This film was shot in Pleasance's last days. It is assumed Loomis was killed by Michael Myers. He is frequently seen carrying a pistol of some kind, from revolver to desert eagle, and seems to be the only person who is capable of understanding Michael's destructive power. After Halloween 2, he became scarred when he set a room he and Myers were in ablaze with gas in an attempt to kill Myers forever. He walks with a cane after the explosion as well. Also is the deliverer of The famous "Blackest Eyes" quote. He is one of the finest characters in horror movie history and will be missed.
Laurie, in tears: "It was the boogeyman!"
Doctor Loomis says solemnly, "In fact, it was..."
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006
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