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A guy who is Eskimo Brother's with someone that you are Eskimo Brother's with, but not for the same girl.
"Hey, you're Eskimo Brother's with Mikey? I'm Eskimo Brother's with Mikey! That means we're Eskimo Cousins! Fack yeah!"
by Control_sauce November 18, 2009
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a guy who is dating a girl way too good for him
"Dude look at that hot girl! Wait, look who she's with! Dammit Burkman!" (Re: Josh Burkman and Arianny Celeste)
by Control_sauce November 25, 2009
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a best friend and/or a baller
"Meet Robbie, he's my brozi!"
by Control_sauce February 15, 2010
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commonly referred to as RPs, this is another phrase for leggings.
"Dude check out that chick with the rape pants! OH MY GOD!"
by Control_sauce February 16, 2010
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the host/hostess of a party
"Wanna party? Dan's the congoose, so it'll be chill."
by Control_sauce May 20, 2010
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When being a wingman goes to a whole new level and it involves the two individuals to be connected nearby as if by a rope.
"Craig and Derrick are totally ropemen for each other. If one gets further than 20 feet from another, they begin to scream their names until they reunite. It's almost nearing homosexuality until you realize that they're actually trying to get each other laid... or prevent it from happening. It's what being a ropeman truly means."
by Control_sauce November 05, 2011
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