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When you feel uncertainty about another mans genitilia
Mark looks like he is

Pilosoy dickcheese!
by Confusedhelpful January 06, 2016

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A way of presenting half penis half vagina in a combined manner.
Damn boiii you got one hell of a penagina going there eh!!
by Confusedhelpful June 14, 2016

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The white way of spelling nihao, the Chinese way of greeting someone.

Also is so funny too, like tbh it’s hilarious sounding lol.

This can also be used out of context too.
Wassup my neehows, how is y’all doin today

White guy: neehow my broskies

Chinese man: nihao boi
by Confusedhelpful January 31, 2018

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When your teacher is kinda Indian, or black, and he has an accent sounding Indian, or African, and you just feel like it’s necessary to say soooor instead of sir. Just like mr. Momado or mohammedoo, they are so helpful, and so ready. Thank you rydog fly away
Mr. Momado... i mean soooor! So fast.

Soooor!!!!! Soooor!!!!
by Confusedhelpful March 26, 2019

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A “cool eagle”. Or, this can be an eagle who has reputation in the nest
Ms Gordon is a Geagle! She is so fast and confused!
by Confusedhelpful January 31, 2019

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Tobjorn ulting but his name is zigna so instead of molten core its MOLTEN ZINGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
by Confusedhelpful November 17, 2016

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When you feel angry, mad, energetic and want to swear you have one hell of a black-itude
Yo Premathius has one hell of a mufucking’ “blackitude”
by Confusedhelpful January 20, 2018

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