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A person who lacks initiative and lies about emotions to twist your reality.

For example,
Jealousy= possessiveness.

Love= humiliation.

Disappointed= scapegoating unknown outsiders.

To exploit vulnerable good people while treating them unfairly and calling them bad, to guilt trip them in getting more without ever trying to make it up, voluntary or giving anything back.
How can doormats not see that he is a selfish emotional manipulative demeaner? He is not going to share his authority, money, status etc. Look how many people he exploited unfairly.
by Communi February 18, 2021
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An inpatient person who never makes any effort to be respectful and equal.

And doesn't research biology, stress etc. to understand others.

But expects a 24/7 horny doormat gf/bf.
"Everyone got neglected by sink, even his friends"

Damn, like titanic.
by Communi February 18, 2021
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Political manipulation to spread misery and intimidation, to get more votes.

P= political
SM=spread misery (like BDSM because of humilliation, inequality etc. then people think, life is unfair, I am going to vote for the biggest bully)

And they do it against your will. They think you will repeat mistakes.
PMSM mobbing made me physically sick, their social stress gave me c.dificille.

Me too, the PMSM mob and corona increased my blood pressure.
by Communi February 18, 2021
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P-D-K-mirror neuron= psychoticphysicalprojecting Dunner-Kruger mirrorneuron

People who use mirror neurons, and then think they can understand someone else's actions while speaking about their own physical actions, without asking about your physical actions and they are not clairvoyance.

And they are not autistic. Autistic don't have mirror neuron interpretation.
"After 4 months of hearing about his/her wrong fetish interpretation/tunnel vision meaning that lead to repeated misunderstandings, I became totally disengaged. What he/she said, didn't even match with the meaning of the concept or, dictionary etc., he/she hired someone to extort me into having sex because he/she thought I was holding him/her back sexually, but we never had sex or a relationship. I don't even like his/her degenerate fetish"

"Gross, that P-D-K-mirror neuron, is full blown possessive."

"He/she called his/her meaninglessness, demeaning, and he/she called his/her possessive behaviour, "jealous", but those are 2 different things and they don't have anything in common with each other"

"Such a waste, don't let P-D-K mirror neuron people project their own circumstances on to you, to cross your boundaries, report them, before you need to pay for the consequences as a result of them making decisions for you, without even asking "
by Communi February 18, 2021
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Someone far away who does things according to his/her own intention and cause, therefore differently due to different biology, laws, circumstances etc.

"You misread my meaning when we met.

I am not one of your projection dark possessions/fragments."
"Don't misread me just because your p-fragment disregard thinks I mean you harm, I can't light your darkness, don't twist your coconut, cactus actions, minimize your p-fragment instead and let me be blinded by the p-fragment-free light."
by Communi February 18, 2021
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Betrayinterpretation assumes wrongly inherit out of context evil intention and cause in others while doing evil themselves.

And then refuses to take it back. And refuses to pay for damages.
"Betrayinterpretation people don't ask or elaborate they just assume bad intention and cause"
by Communi February 18, 2021
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Someone who projects his/her own intention and physical actions.
"I know you mean well, without coconut questions we can understand each other better. I don't invent meaning because I don't have the inability to deal with grief. "
by Communi February 18, 2021
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