4 definitions by Comanche

A massive raging hard on that lasts for hours and hours.
I'm locked, cocked, and ready to rock my bionic boner after a night of chillin on the jig.
by Comanche February 17, 2017
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A very nice or expensive guitar that never gets played.
Have you seen Bob's 57 gold top? It's so sweet but he never plays it. It's a closet queen.
by Comanche March 6, 2012
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At the Asian massage parlor, the masseuse speaks the words "Comanche Cum" after he pulls out with a condum full of jizz.
by Comanche February 17, 2017
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1: (n) a drug-induced colloquialism which encompasses any/all objects which one might purchase while manic.

2: (v) a regional form of "bones it": a greeting to an acquaintance, old friend, respected gentleman/lady, or criminal. Typically right fist.
1: "I'm going to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my refund check and I'm going to buy a WHOLE bunch of slankits."

2: (Accompanied with a traditional bones/fist offering) "Hey man, Slankit." Or, "slankit."
by Comanche May 23, 2009
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