12 definitions by ClownJuice

When you take a piss and your urine is a dark black, like the elderly candy black licorice.
John: Hey, we need to talk I looked in the bathroom and-
Steve: I know, I know, I need to get over Elderly Watering Syndrome but there's no chance right now.
by ClownJuice August 23, 2021
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something yo dad saying when you call him “Bro”, “Slime”, “Right Hand Man” etc.
Wussup bro
i aint yo bro
by ClownJuice April 28, 2022
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Take a massive and intestinal destroying shit in the fridge, like, Pringles can sized shit in the fridge
Dave just had to Nuke the Fridge in my apartment
by ClownJuice August 10, 2021
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When someone is terrible at something you call them Skunk Like a Badger, as they stink like a skunk and look like a badger (go outside you wont).
Samantha: Playing Fortnite with Dave
Dave: fucking annihilates Samantha.
Dave: "You're bad, you're free, literally and figuratively dogwater, straight up Skunk Like a Badger, any askers?"
by ClownJuice August 31, 2021
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A play on the phrase as old as time “Friends With Benefits” except if the person is the exact opposite, I mean like, Polar Opposites.
David is such a Drunk With Disorders
by ClownJuice March 22, 2022
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Being absolutely awful everywhere, no one loves you.
A slightly better version of this is a Motor Head.
Dave is no longer just a Motor Head, he's now a Hinge Head.
by ClownJuice February 14, 2022
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Hit With the Breezy's refers to the famous shoe brand Breezy's International and to hit someone with the Breezy's is to catch them off guard and humiliate them (similar to Black Airforce Energy)
Terry: I really hit 'em with the Breezy's you know bro
Aforementioned bro: Yeah you really got them Hit With the Breezy's
by ClownJuice December 12, 2021
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