The sentence "like a badger" is used to completely confuse the person you are talking to. It can be used at any part in a conversation.
Man 1: "Im tired"
Man 2: "Yeah LIKE A BADGER you are."
by Steve Amazing December 17, 2007
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When someone is terrible at something you call them Skunk Like a Badger, as they stink like a skunk and look like a badger (go outside you wont).
Samantha: Playing Fortnite with Dave
Dave: fucking annihilates Samantha.
Dave: "You're bad, you're free, literally and figuratively dogwater, straight up Skunk Like a Badger, any askers?"
by ClownJuice August 31, 2021
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1. A huge bar tab that has been left to over-run out of control, unbeknown to the original owner of the tab.

2. Someone who has over indulged in cocaine, causing them to slur like a paraplegic.

(Influenced by the Badger in the movie "It's All Gone Pete Tong")
"Did you see Ed's face last night? bloody hell he was racked-up like a badger."

"Paul you better get down here, I've just checked the bar tab and its racked-up like a badger."
by 15minsoflame August 15, 2011
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