The best character in The Henry Stickmin Collection, He is Reginald Copperbottoms right hand. Nobody knows his true name. He is a very loyal and strict person, who can think quickly and really put up a fight. He is the strongest, bravest and 2nd most important character in the Toppat Clan. In most Completing the Mission routes, he is reborn with a cybernetic eye with a laser that melts anything it touches, 2 metal legs that can turn into a thruster, and a strong, metal arm that can turn into a giant blade. Right hand man, also known as simply RHM, is simply awesome.
Guy: Whats your favorite THSC character?
Guy 2: Right hand man.
by rhmfan July 03, 2021
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The person with whom someone of power relates to best. Derived from jesus sitting at the right hand of God.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 22, 2004
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(Almost) Everyone in every month that's not equal to November

(Note: If you're left handed, you're still gonna be referred to as such)
Person 1: Well, you survived November
Person 2: Indeed
Person 1: What are you gonna do now?
Person 2: I'm gonna be the right hand man
by Rarock November 10, 2020
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