Person 1: Hey dude what's up with your little brother?
Person 2: Oh he's got Stage 4 Cancer
Person 1: Damn man I'm so sorry

by HitOrMissGirl2000 February 2, 2019
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1) Go fuck yourself
2) Leave me alone
3) Go have gay sex with your friend
Person 1: Youre gay
Person 2: Go play Fortnite
Person 1: ....You went there
by YallNotReadyForThis April 20, 2018
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Jacob, usually bad at Fortnite sometimes gets wins but only in sqauds he kicks you from lobby when tying to play creative with him
Jacob playing Fortnite is a person called Jacob that’s bad at Fortnite even when it’s not true.
by Yo mum gay 69696969 December 8, 2018
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Let's play fortnite is a common usage of words that mean if you are having an affair with your girlfriend or boyfriend
by davidpatrick_ February 19, 2021
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When Alexa is asked if she plays Fortnite she will respond in two different ways

1. “Yes I try to play every so often.”

2. Alexa will say the news and new stats about the current season
Alexa, do you play Fortnite?

“Yes in fact I do, I try to play every so often

Alexa plays Fortnite
by Jrector.theErector July 14, 2018
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