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Apple's giant iPod Touch.

Announced January 27, 2010. Made with intentions to replace laptops but fails by not running Flash, not having USB ports, no multitasking and no cameras.
My iPod Touch was getting old. I'm glad I have a new, bigger one that doesn't fit in my pocket. Thanks, iPad!
by Clifwith1f January 28, 2010

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A nickname given by Tom Hanks to Tonight Show's Conan O'Brien. Gained notoriety when NBC shockingly announced that Leno's show would be bumping Conan's to a later time.
I'm with Coco.
by Clifwith1f January 14, 2010

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Out of practice at oral sex.
My girlfriend & I tried foreplay but I was a tad bit clitorusty.
by Clifwith1f August 16, 2009

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The combination of the words pain & rage. Used when the two emotions are one in the same.
Girl: I just disowned my parents last week out of prage.
Guy or Something: wow, for reals?
Girl: Yessir. I was feeling painful & enraged, so...
by Clifwith1f August 14, 2009

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